Thursday, 14 July 2016

Delphi Top Tips - Welcome to my Delphi Development Blog!

Delphi Top Tips

Welcome to my Embarcadero Delphi Blog!

I've been a Delphi developer since Delphi v1.0, and writing commercial applications in Delphi since 2000 - and still am!

The personal and business software development arena has evolved quite a lot in that time but thankfully Embarcadero have done a great job of evolving the RAD Studio product line to suit. It now supported commercial-grade apps for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS thanks to the excellent Firemonkey framework.

Why This Blog?

As popular as Delphi once was, unfortunately there are many more popular languages and tools that have appeared since it's hayday. The delphi community has had a few knocks over the years (let's not mention Delphi-through-2009) but is growing again and there are excellent articles out there.

These can be really hard to find, and so I wanted to create a blog that collated all the best ones which have helped me into a single place you can find them.

There will be some original content in here, written from my own experiences but it will also include direct links to third party articles I've found across the Internet, solving a whole range of problems.

I'd also recommend joining the Delphi Developers group on Google+ which is fantastic for getting help, and is even frequented by a lot of the Embarcadero product team and MVPs!

I'm also here to help with any issues you might be facing with Delphi, so please get in touch if you're stuck with anything!


Chris Pimlott
Managing Director of MyBuzz Technologies Ltd
Creator of MyShiftPlanner app (written with Delphi)

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